Machine Learning Consulting Unit

Mission Statement

Our primary goal is to provide consulting to applied sciences, for example medicine, psychology, biology and others. We aim to provide solutions, that based on our experience and expertise are most suitable to answer the research question at hand.

The Machine Learning Consulting Unit (MLCU) is part of the Munich Center for Machine Learning (MCML) and offers applied researchers scientific consulting regarding the application and evaluation of machine learning methods. Consulting is free of charge (within reasonable limits) for members of the MCML and the LMU. Consulting outside the MCML and LMU is also possible, but needs to be negotiated on a case by case basis. We also welcome joint research projects with the goal of publication.

If you are interested in consulting, see contact information below. Experience shows, that it is advisable to register for consulting as early in the project as possible or even at the planning stage.

Typical consulting requests

Typical inquiries include, but are not limited to

Recent and Current Projects, Cooperations and Publications

Some projects see here for a list of publications that resulted from cooperation with applied sciences in the past include


If you are interested in consulting, please send an Email to bender.andreas.[at] with the following information:

For statistical consulting also consider contacting the Statistical Consulting Unit (StaBLab)

Our team

Our team consists of senior statisticians and data scientists with multiple years of experience in methodological and applied research as well as industry.

Name       Position
Prof. Bernd Bischl       Principle Investigator
Dr. Andreas Bender       PostDoc
Dr. Ludwig Bothmann       PostDoc
Dr. David Rügamer       PostDoc
Maximilian Weigert       PhD