Research Software Engineering (RSE)

Research software engineering addresses the use of software engineering principles for research applications. With a strong focus on Machine Learning, we strife to develop data processing tools which are applicable by practitioners and at the same time can conveniently be extended to answer scientific questions.

Focus Areas:

Projects and Software

We are currently developing the mlr3 universe of packages for Machine Learning in R. mlr3 implements the building blocks of Machine Learning in an efficient, object-oriented fashion. The base package is extended by a plethora of extension packages, summarized in the following figure:

mlr3 universe
mlr3 universe

For more details on the extension packages, see the Wiki page on GitHub. Other software projects are listed under Software.


Name       Position
Dr. Michel Lang       PostDoc
Dr. Andreas Bender       PostDoc
Dr. Jakob Richter       PostDoc
Martin Binder       PhD Student
Stefan Coors       PhD Student
Susanne Dandl       PhD Student
Florian Pfisterer       PhD Student
Marc Becker       Software Engineer


Feel free to contact us if you are looking for collaborations:

michel.lang [at]